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This is amazing. Flying lotus did not pay me for this review. I have a skin issue - eczema and rashes and bras irritate my skin. I am a teacher and do not wear a bra and you can imagine how tricky that gets. I am very thankful for this shirt it is perfect - no nipples poking out!!! Please make more styles and colors!!!!

Sandra Customer Maroon Gratitude Braless Shirt September 7, 2023

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LOVE LOVE everything from the leggings to the tops. Very stylish and comfortable. Great for traveling or everyday wear. I’m a hairstylist and occasionally wear them to work as well and I love how I don’t have hair in my bra at the end of the day!! Highly recommend!

Mona Colorado June 20, 2023

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Easy to order & great service always. Package with love always with stickers and goodies!

Khom Thoun January 18, 2023

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They are comfortable and look more stylish than a regular t-shirt. I highly recommend them for anyone.

Youn Ju Kim October 18, 2022

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Living in Florida, I have to be strategic about my shirts because underboob sweat is real here! That’s why I love wearing my flying lotus shirts everywhere. The fabric is made out of breathable material to reduce the chances of sweat forming and hides any sweat that does form. It keeps me looking and feeling cool all day!

Anabel Salvador August 16, 2022

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I'm only slightly exaggerating when I say having these shirts saved my life. I have sensory issues and nerve pain and I simply cant wear a regular bra or anything with a tight, built-in shelf bra. These shirts gave me the freedom and confidence to live again without being in pain. Flying lotus shirts well crafted, durable, and feminine. This is the shirt I have been looking for my entire life.

Essie July 31, 2022

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I had purchased some for myself and as gifts. First I can only speak on my behalf, I love them! I wear them every weekend lounging around the house comfortably, I do not have to worry about anything showing lol!! Can’t wait to purchase the new hot items! Free the boobs is the best thing ever!!

Linette Sar July 26, 2022

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I have known Sohary many years. From being a devoted client when she was a talented nail technician to traveling in Cambodia and learning that crispy grasshoppers are really tasty, Sohary has always been one of my favorite people. When she said she was forming a company to make comfortable braless tops for women, I thought, “Of course!”  She has successfully created a “freedom top” that I personally wear most days. It’s wonderful to slip into a comfy top in the evening and still be comfortable if someone comes to my door. The only thing I still long for is a top with only the flying lotus.  My love and admiration goes to this beautiful and talented woman!

Nadine Hart July 25, 2022

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I searched for years for a shirt that I wouldn't have to wear a bra with due to back issues. I am so glad I found the bra less shirt. It is exactly what I have been looking for. Great fit, washes nice.

Colleen July 24, 2022

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My braless shirt is literally the only shirt I lounge around in at home. It’s so comfortable! Every chance I get to wear it to go out casually I would. I don’t have to worry about anything peeking through. I can’t count how many times I’ve washed the shirt just to wear it over an over again. It doesn’t shrink after a wash and that’s a plus!

Nhung Nguyen July 9, 2022

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If you want to slip into something comfortable and still get sh** done. Then Flying Lotus is it! So versatile, I find myself digging in my closet for more. ♥️

Malissa Sailakham July 5, 2022

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My favorite is the black tank top with the slit in the back it is so light and airy! The crop top style also is my favorite because i am into those a lot! It’s nice being able to be braless and not worry about anything showing through ! Can’t wait to see the more styles she comes out with !

Kayla yee July 5, 2022

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I love my bra less shirt. It doesn’t show my nipples at all. Very comfy to wear all day.

Bopharandeth Em July 5, 2022

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I can not wait to purchase from this shop. The items seem very comfortable and beautiful. Another thing that I noticed was that the material looks soft and fashionable. Great place to shop at!!! 🥰🥰😀

Karina Chavez-Martinez July 5, 2022

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Its usually the first clothing I lean towards or grab out of my closest. Prefect to run errands with or hanging around with friends. You don’t feel restricted and it covers enough that you feel comfortable. Working from home, the shirts is a lifesaver, easy to wear and put together. I have gifted the shirts to my mom who’s in her sixty and she’s loves it! Try it, you’ll love it too!

Channa July 5, 2022

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Literally my go to, everyday shirt. They're so comfortable, and it's nice that you can be braless around other people in these shirts. If you don't have one yet, you're definitely missing out. I highly recommend getting one ASAP!

Lita July 5, 2022

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Flying Lotus apparel has become my daily outfit! I'm all about comfortable clothes and the fabric is soft and comfortable. It has made my life easier to not have to wear uncomfortable bras all day. I wear it while working from home, it's casual but designed well enough to wear during my virtual meetings. I wear it all day, including when I go out shopping or hanging out with my friends, even to church! Support small local businesses owned by a minority woman, her product is amazing!

Amphon July 5, 2022

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I L♥️VE the Flying Lotus braless shirts! They are so stylish, comfortable and my favorite go to! I’m wearing one as I write this review 🙂 I love supporting women owned businesses, especially one that empowers women to feel confident and free.

Julie Palmer July 5, 2022

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I love flying lotus apparel It super comfy and being a mom of 3 it’s the perfect everyday wear and I don’t have to worry about no bra no more. Happy to be bra ‘less

Sadie June 29, 2022

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I LOVE every braless shirt I have bought from Flying Lotus. I have 14 of their shirts and wear one EVERY day!!!

Diane Schwartz June 29, 2022

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I love flying lotus apparel. I have them in multiple colors and the leggings to go with them as well.  This is my go to loungewear and I’ll even wear them outside of the house. They’re great for everyday and even going out! I definitely recommend them!!

Mona Srichabok June 29, 2022

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These shirts are amazing! I don’t wear anything else once I get home.  Having large, voluptuous breast, as I do, it’s nice to have no bra around people, and feel completely comfortable. I would definitely recommend this to all the ladies!

Bianca Carvell June 27, 2022

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Didn’t know what to expect when I bought it. I fell in love with these T-Shirts!  I now own six of them!  Very cute & comfortable. I highly recommend!

Nary Maple June 27, 2022

I love these t shirts! all cotton, so comfortable and keep their shape after many washings. I've tried other brands because I am really uncomfortable in a bra but have sent them back. Flying Lotus' shirts are awesome.

Annie Campbell Topete January 25, 2021

I love the shirts. It’s perfect for having my friends over or going on a weekend long cabin trip and I don’t want to wear a bra. I can go braless when I’m around my friends but still have the satisfaction of knowing that they can’t see my nipples unlike a regular shirt. This is also really nice for nursing . I don’t have anything restricting my breasts and I can easily nurse my son . The shirts are also very comfortable and cute.

Susan Wen Sum February 25, 2020

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